Why Do You Need To Level Your Concrete?

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Why Do You Need To Level Your Concrete?

4 March 2019
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By now, you've probably come across one or more people advertising concrete floor leveling services. However, you might be wondering whether you need to do this in the first place. Concrete is usually billed as a durable and low-maintenance material, which is true for the most part. However, concrete floors may no longer be level after some years. Some parts of the floor may be higher than others while other parts may have noticeable dips. Why should this be of significant concern to you?

Dips and Other Malformations Are Dangerous

Dips and slopes on your floor can make it difficult to walk on. Even if the dips are not noticeable when you look at the floor, there is a risk that you'll walk on the floor without realizing there's a depression, which can lead to twisted ankles and other injuries. You could also hit your toes on a raised part of the floor if the slope is not obvious.

The Floor May Be Unsightly

Another major issue with floors that are not level is that they can be unsightly. When there are obvious dips in the floor, it won't be pretty to look at. However, even if there's a floor covering, the dips could result in patterns that don't match up properly.

Poor Drainage

Drainage is always a major issue when it comes to floors. A floor with poor drainage characteristics can result in pooling of water inside a room. This can lead to other issues such a water absorption and mold. Poor floor drainage characteristics can also make it difficult to clean a room.

Gets Worse with Time

What starts off as a slight dip today could be a noticeable hole in your floor after some time. When concrete that isn't level is left on its own, there's always a risk that it will get worse with time. This can make it even harder to walk on.

To Add a New Floor Covering

For many people, concrete only serves as the subfloor. Many people prefer to do this before adding another material to cover the concrete.

However, when a concrete floor is not level, it creates many challenges when you want to add coverings such as tiles since this will leave a hole beneath them. Before you add these new floor coverings, there's a good chance that you'll need to level the concrete first. Luckily, concrete leveling is usually a simple problem to deal with. Reach out to a company like Crackerjack Mud Jacking Inc for more information.