Creating A Checkerboard Out Of Concrete: How This Project Is Done

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Creating A Checkerboard Out Of Concrete: How This Project Is Done

26 November 2018
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You have probably seen those parks in the big cities that contain giant checkerboards. People get together to play large games of chess and use the boards for live chess. (Live chess consists of two full sets of people portraying live, full-size chess pieces, often in full costume, moving where the two players tell them to move.) If you would like to install a large checker/chessboard in your backyard, here is how that project is done.

Hire a Concrete Contractor  

There is no way you can DIY this project. It requires the finesse of a concrete contractor. Explain to the contractor what you are attempting to do and help rope off the area you want to turn into the checker/chess board. The contractor will make the "board' a perfectly square shape, and then get his/her crew onsite to start excavating and pouring a single color concrete slab. 

Pouring the Initial Solid Slab

When the project begins, your contractor's crew will pour a large square slab of a single color, typically dark or light grey. Once this slab dries and is quite hard, the contractor's crew will return to mark off the smaller squares in the "board." Then they will use a concrete slab saw to cut every other small square out of the "board." The concrete slab sawing is a precise skill made for cutting exact slices or squares from a pre-existing slab. In this case, the pre-existing slab is the large concrete square slab that was poured recently. Now you will have several open, square-shaped pits that need to be filled. 

Filling the Open Square-Shaped Pits

The next step is to fill the squares that are devoid of concrete. The contractor's crew will mix any sort of color of fresh concrete (red granite is a good choice for your giant checker/chessboard), and then fill in and level every one of these open pits. When this new and color-enhanced concrete is dry and has hardened, your giant checker/chess board is complete. If you do make some squares red-colored concrete, you can use asphalt to color the gray squares black. 

Besides Playing Giant Chess and Checker Games

The neat part about this concrete checkerboard is that it can be much more than just a giant game board. It doubles as a very interesting-looking patio and a place to entertain guests. Kids can play on it, using it for a concrete playground. If you have weddings or anniversary parties at the house, bands and DJs can set up their equipment on the checkerboard.