Time, Speed, And Quality: Which To Prioritize In Your Concrete Installation Project

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Time, Speed, And Quality: Which To Prioritize In Your Concrete Installation Project

17 August 2018
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When installing concrete, there are many factors you need to consider. Among these are the time, speed and quality of the installation. Quite often, the owners of the project will find these factors are at odds with each other. Therefore, they're forced to make a decision regarding which of these factors they should prioritize.

If you have your own project coming up, you might be faced with a similar problem at some point. How can you make a decision that you're unlikely to regret?

Prioritizing Speed

Speed is something you're likely to always be cautioned about in almost every situation. However, in many situations, speed is a factor that is hard to ignore. Many projects come with a fixed deadline and extending past this deadline can have serious financial consequences. In such cases, speed must be the main priority of the project.

For example, if you're repaving a parking lot of a major shopping mall, you have to work with the realization that the parking lot will need to be ready for use in a few days rather than weeks. Additionally, the longer the project goes on, the higher the number of working hours accumulated.

Prioritizing Quality

As important as speed is, many people will argue that quality should be the first priority in most cases. If quality is given a back seat, you might end up with an installation that has low durability or one that might not even be able to perform its intended function correctly.

Quality should be prioritized where there is no margin for error. In some projects, any kind of damage can be dangerous or very expensive, and this means, quality should be the priority. You can always relay a concrete parking lot; however, when a concrete bridge collapses, the cost may be fatal.

Is it Possible to Achieve Both Speed and Quality?

As difficult as it is, achieving speed and quality in a project is possible when it comes to concrete installation. This, however, will require that you take a different approach with regards to:

  • Choice of concrete: There are different types of concrete, and some require much less time to be ready.

  • Choice of contractor: An experienced concrete contractor with a lot of success in their portfolio is what you'll need to ensure you can achieve both quality and speed.

Making such choices may call for you to spend more money initially. However, the result may make it a worthwhile investment. Contact your local concrete floor services today to learn more.