Concrete Pumping To Distribute Material In Difficult Situations

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Concrete Pumping To Distribute Material In Difficult Situations

3 April 2017
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Depending on the project, the location of the work to be done, and the obstacles to be overcome, getting concrete to your job site may require some specialty equipment and a contractor that knows how to use it. Concrete is heavy and in some cases, it can be very hard to get it to the spot on the job site that you need it. Pumping the concrete to the site might be the best option, or in some cases, the only one.

Working With Rough Terrain

If you are building in a remote location or an area that the terrain is very rough, moving concrete to your job site might be tough. The trucks are heavy and very large. If you don't have the space to get them into the site or the road won't support them, you might want to consider pumping the concrete to the site. Much like pumping water through a pipe, concrete can be pumped through lines using special pumps if the material is the right consistency. This eliminates the need to move heavy trucks into the site but working with a contractor that understands how to do this properly is important. The distance that the concrete can be pumped is not unlimited and the setup is critical for everything to work properly.

Reaching The Upper Floors

Concrete pumping is commonly used in the construction of multi-story buildings where the material needs to be moved several floors up. In the past, concrete was loaded into large containers and moved with a crane but boom trucks that have the ability to pump the concrete to the upper floors are becoming more common. While there are still limits to how far up they can reach, pumping the concrete is easier, faster, and cleaner than dealing with the large crane and bucket. Many companies that produce concrete are offering pumping services and the operators to pump it as well as traditional concrete service now. If you need pumping services, ask your supplier if they offer them.

Distance and Height

While the boom trucks that are used to pump concrete have the height to reach up high, they are also commonly used to reach over obstacles. If you are pouring a new patio but can't get a concrete truck in the back yard, a large pump truck may be able to reach over the house and pump the concrete to the back yard for you. An experienced operator and contractor can work together to get the material where it needs to be, even when the operator can not see the site. Sometimes concrete pumping is the simplest solution and the best way to get the job done.

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