Some Important Things To Know About Gravel Driveways

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Some Important Things To Know About Gravel Driveways

31 March 2017
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Driveways are important for allowing you to easily drive to your home. Yet, there are a number of different styles of driveway that you can choose for your property. To this end, you will want to make sure that you have a working understanding about the numerous options available. In particular, gravel driveways can be a commonly used option.

Why Would You Opt For Gravel Rather Than Traditional Paving?

Gravel can be an excellent option when your driveway is extremely long. This can make pouring concrete or asphalt pavement extremely expensive, which can put it outside of your budget. By opting for gravel, you will be able to have a functional driveway installed for a fraction of the cost. In addition to being usable in these situations, there may be areas of your yard that are at an incline that is too steep to easily pave.

Will A Gravel Driveway Require Any Work To Maintain?

Regardless of the type of driveway that you choose, you will need to perform some routine work to keep it well-maintained. When it comes to gravel driveways, you will need to periodically remove any weeds that have started to grow between the stones. Also, you will want to periodically replenish the gravel as erosion will gradually wash many of these pebbles away. If you are unable to perform this maintenance, there are companies that can perform this type of work for you. To keep the gravel driveway in the best condition possible, you will want to have this maintenance done at least once every couple of years.

Are There Effective Ways Of Minimizing The Erosion Of The Gravel?

Erosion is one of the main forms of wear and tear for gravel driveways. Unfortunately, there are many people that may not fully appreciate the fact that there are fairly simple steps that may be able to greatly reduce the effects of erosion on your driveway. For example, you should install gutters and drains along the driveway, and an erosion control net may be another effective way of reducing the effects of erosion on the driveway. These nets will help to hold the small pebbles in place. Due to the fact that you will be driving over these nets on a regular basis, they can become torn and suffer other forms of damage over the years. This will make it necessary for this netting to be replaced. Ideally, you should have this netting replaced each time that supplemental gravel is added to the driveway.

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