What Decisions Go Into Concrete Driveway Design?

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What Decisions Go Into Concrete Driveway Design?

30 March 2017
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If you want to get the most out of your concrete driveway installation, there are a couple of decisions to put some consideration into. Here are some factors that will go into the design process.


The material is a preliminary decision to make because it affects your subsequent budget and options. Concrete isn't a single surface. There are ways to decorate concrete or embellish it for strength and aesthetic appeal. For one, there are different dyes that can be added to concrete to give a different color and mood. Concrete can be finished with epoxy for a smooth and shiny surface, or it can be textured before it dries for a rougher appearance. There is also the possibility of inlaying concrete with other building materials. The range of options available to you depends on your budget, but also on the skills of the concrete contractor you hire.

Size and Shape

The size should be evaluated based on the number of vehicles that need to fit in the driveway plus the budget for materials. Shape is another thing to consider. Some people like the straight edges of a traditional driveway, while others might like to try a circular concrete driveway.


A few options exist for construction as well. For one, do you want to use ready made concrete, a hand-poured concrete mix, or a concrete truck? While fresh concrete gives you the opportunity to customize your project, it can add a lot to the cost. There are also options for finishing concrete with protective finish or leaving it as is. Construction also may or may not involve the application of a landscaping fabric that pushes back weeds that would otherwise break through the concrete eventually.

Who Should Do the Job

These are some of the factors that go into the design. But another part of planning is about who you schedule to put in your concrete driveway. Some people are willing to do it themselves, which involves renting a bobcat and other equipment to make life easier as you dig out the area and install your concrete. Some people like to hire a concrete contractor just for the concrete pouring part and do the work of measuring and excavating the space on their own. And others prefer to leave the entire job to the concrete contractors for the best ease of installation. It's up to you which road to take, and you can have great results as long as the project is planned out carefully.

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