3 Tips To Help You Make Repairs To Your Concrete Surface

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3 Tips To Help You Make Repairs To Your Concrete Surface

24 March 2017
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When your concrete surfaces have become cracked or pitted with damage, you can make the repairs yourself. Here are three tips to help you complete this project successfully.

Prepare the Damaged Concrete

Before you can apply a patching compound to repair your concrete surface, you need to clean it to remove dirt and debris. Use a hammer and chisel to remove any loose chunks or flakes of concrete within the damage, then brush it with a wire brush to remove small loose bit of concrete. Wash the surface of the repair area with a concrete cleaner or a liquid dish soap and water, scrubbing with a plastic bristle brush.

Rinse all the cleaner and dust particles from the surface with clean water and blot any standing water from the site. When you make your repair the surface of the concrete is best left wet, so it is not necessary to allow it to fully dry.

Mix Up the Concrete Patch

To repair existing concrete, filling in cracks or voids in the concrete's surface, it is important to use the right type of ready-mix concrete product. For this type of repair it is recommended to use a concrete patch or repair mixture. This type of product contains its own bonding agent so when it is mixed with water and applied onto the prepared concrete surface, it will adhere and not crack and fall off.

You can find this type of bagged product at most home improvement stores, and you can add water to mix up the amount you need. Be sure to only prepare the amount of patching compound that you will use immediately, as it can start to set up after a short time.

Place the amount of dry mix into your wheelbarrow or mixing bucket and add the proper amount of water indicated by the product's instructions. Mix up the mixture until you get a peanut butter-like consistency. 

Allow the Patch to Set

Press the mixture into the cracks or voids, using a trowel to fill all crevices and make the repair. Next, smooth the surface of the repair so it matches with the surrounding concrete surfaces.

Allow the repair to set up for the product's recommended time before walking or driving vehicles over its surface. Check the product's package, as this can be up to several days. This wait time gives the product time to cure and harden fully and prevents your repairs from failing.

Use these tips to help you prepare the concrete surface and make successful repairs. Contact a company like New Interstate Concrete to learn more.